Posted by: boromax | March 24, 2021


A phenomenon in the sky above my town a couple of days ago.


Startling Light

in the sky, hovering above my town

A shining presence descending

Ancestors waiting

Another light glowing

across the sky

Light greeting Light

Street art on the tail of the iron horse, behind the chain and the barbed.
Old brick, stained glass, stairs in the roofline.
The Light above The Door, casting a shadow.


  1. love the homage to First Nations people πŸ™‚

    • Me, too. When that new mural emerged recently, I was delighted to see it.

  2. I saw a rainbow with the sun one time. It’s quite a sight. How fun.

    • Yes! Thanks, Gary!

  3. Hey Ed?…top photo….is that the tree that’s leaning or the building? or taken after a few drinks?

    • LOL. I believe it to be the tree that is leaning. I do not know if the tree had been drinking, though. I think I may have drunk some Earl Grey before I took the photo. Sometimes the bergamot makes me a bit giddy. πŸ™‚

      • The language spoke UK but you are Californian? or was that a just a good impression of a UKer?

      • Yes, I am a native Californian; although I have lived and worked and traveled all over. Only ever spent about 12 hours in the UK back in 1997 – a long layover at Heathrow during which I took the Underground to Trafalgar Square, then wandered around from there. I did watch The Avengers and The Saint and every 007 film, plus Benny Hill and Rowan Atkinson and Monty Python, plus of course Luther and New Tricks…

      • Well it was a very good impression…..

      • Indeed? One would certainly hope, I must say.

  4. Out on the eastern plains of New Mexico, where I originated, we would have called that phenomenon a “sun dog”. I kinda thought that was a local colloquialism, but Wikipedia thinks not.

    • Yes, I had heard that term before, but it did not occur to me when I was looking at it! πŸ™‚

      I graduated high school in Albuquerque, and started college in Portales (ENMU). Part of my heart belongs to New Mexico.

      • Small world. I graduated high school in Portales in 1972.

      • Ha! I started at ENMU in the fall of 1973.

  5. Love all kinds of light and especially lights in the sky!! Fantastic murals and architecture!

    • Me, too! Thank you, P&B!

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