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No Volition

All day, every day

we are making choices

consciously, unconsciously


willingly, willfully

for better or for worse

to help or to hurt

ourselves and others

to give and to receive

to know and to be known

mundane, life-changing

exciting, fun, frightening

to see or not

pay attention, walk away

embrace, reject, share

from getting up in the morning (or not)

to what and whether

and when and where

and with whom

we will eat and drink

sometimes it seems we have no choice

the laughing or the crying

the broken heart

the triumphant soul

the simple wonder

burst forth with no volition

but their own

relentless power to be

born of the choices we or others have made

choices meeting choices

will join forces

or clash

with sudden tumult

a riotous thunderstorm

or a peaceful, bright spring morning

our choices live forever

in our memory

In response to the prompt from Go Dog Go Cafe

Posted by: boromax | September 29, 2020

High Shelf, Out of Reach

heart of a child

serene, clean, untrampled

mind of a child

wonder, imagination, creativity

life of a child

new, fresh, learning

under the bed, in the dark corners

and in the closets

lurk monsters, beasts, and predators

let’s leave those to the imagination

let life’s lessons come less loudly

find a place

to stash the politics

out of the reach of children

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Posted by: boromax | September 8, 2020

Leaving the Sunrise

The train left early in the morning

headed west, leaving the sunrise behind us

Looking for my seat

I walked from car to car

Faces, eye contact, smiles, nods

Finding my seat, I settled in

thinking about those momentary encounters

Those faces and smiles are part of me now

and mine is part of theirs

We speed toward the sunset

together forever

eye witnesses, snapshots in our minds

glimpses to savor for a lifetime

and in the end, we were just a moment

This piece is a response to the Go Dog Go Cafe’s Tuesday Writing Prompt –

Posted by: boromax | August 28, 2020

Home Alone


All those moth-bitten cliches

about being alone

and being lonely.


“the last word in lonesome

is me…”

And the equally moth-mangled

conventional wisdom

about never being alone.

“When you walk through the storm,

hold your head up high…”

…and all that.

Which is true?

Are we ever alone?

Are we never alone?

They can’t both be true.

It is objectively true

that you are never alone.

Even when there are

no other humans around

with whom you can interact,

there is nature

and your own thoughts

and music,



the ever-lovin’ internet…

to name a few

ready companions.

But sometimes

the sense and sensations

of being alone

and bereft

are subjectively


When you are lonely,

there is scant comfort

in cliches

and conventional wisdom,

and hungry moths

are no company.

We must learn

to be at home

with ourselves,

with our thoughts,

with our memories,

with our imagination,

with our faith.

We are not alone,

but we must learn

to be at home


Posted by: boromax | August 18, 2020

Foxes in the Sky

like young foxes

the sun and the earth

chase each other

through the endless midnight sky

as morning arrives

like a mama fox

the dark kit pounces

to catch the sunlight

and the light kit

tumbles happily

into the dawn



This is in response to


Posted by: boromax | July 21, 2020

Never Is a Mist

So many people, places, and things

On our proverbial bucket lists

Our unwritten want lists

Our someday, maybe, if-only, magical imagination lists

We are sure

Our quality of life

Our happiness

Our very identity

Will be scales of magnitude “better”

If we had those people, places, and things

Under our belt

In our pocket

Our scrapbook

Our bookshelves

Our favorite social media timeline

How many steps to a “better” you?


One step

It is the step right in front of you;

Your NOW step

You are you.

Did you know?

Just thinking about the items on whatever list names your dreams

–  Just thinking  –

Has already made you new, different, “better”


If we never see and go and do

and hear and feel and taste…


Dreaming and imagining

have already changed you,

And “never” is a mist

that retreats

in the face of Life.


This poem is a response to Go Dog Go Cafe‘s Tuesday Writing Prompt.

Posted by: boromax | July 3, 2020

Home Is Where


Morning comes again

Birds are singing a wake-up song

Your eyes open

To the thought that you’re alone

“How am I going to make it through this day?”

Out here where

the world gets harder every day

People all around me but

no time for love

Busy making ends meet

Busy with their own needs

Busy being lonely

just like me

But I know there is a place

where I can lay my head

I know there is a place

where I will breathe free

Loved ones will be waiting there

They know my name

They will give me space

A warm embrace

And hearts will share with hearts

‘til all are full


Home is – – –

Where the love is waiting

Where your loved ones have been praying

that your heart would remember

what it feels like to be loved

Home is – – –

Where the lonely will discover

that there’s no such thing as lonely

in a place where love surrounds you

and you’re wrapped up in togetherness

and grace


Home is – – –

Where the love’s too big

to ever let you sit and cry alone


It ain’t Paris

It ain’t Rome

But this is sure no time to be alone

So pick your heart up

Dust it off

And bring it home


Posted by: boromax | June 19, 2020

New Wrinkles Journal #22



[from the 1977 JC Penney catalog]

Did you know that being a stage performer requires stamina?

Yes.  A performer’s physical, mental, and emotional state of being must be at a certain level of readiness to support excellent performance.

I am going to address these three basic types of personal readiness mentioned above that will benefit greatly from a consistent warm-up routine.

Mental, physical, and emotional.



The commonly used phrase “get into character” is essentially what I am talking about here.  Even in a musical variety show, every time any player walks out onto the stage, they must assume a character who will guide them as they perform.


Now, sometimes the character the player assumes will be themselves. The point is to achieve a mental condition in which whoever your character is, you are fully them so that the audience sees and feels and hears the confidence or the compassion or the confusion or the comedy that your character needs to convey.

The primary aspect of achieving the right state of mind is to avoid undue distractions.  In other words, focus on the task at hand.

In terms of warming up, this type of preparation is not strenuous. Usually.

Getting yourself ready MENTALLY involves a few relatively simple steps:

  1. Set aside distractions. Find your mental backburner.  Whatever is on your mind besides what you need to do for your performance goes on the backburner with the heat turned way down or completely off.
  2. Run through some or all of your cues, steps, and lines in your mind to give yourself some assurance that you have it all down. Sometimes it helps to close your eyes while you do this; and sometimes it is helpful to do “mini-steps” with your body (feet, hands, legs, arms, head) to refresh muscle memory.
  3. Sing, read, or recite something completely unrelated to the show. This will seem contradictory, but it can be surprisingly helpful. It can relieve the pressures of memorization and anticipation.
  4. Hold your thoughts firmly but loosely. In other words, try not to focus so hard on the content of your upcoming performance that it locks you up. If you “lock up,” your mind will go blank.



Performers are athletes.  Their art necessarily, inevitably involves their whole being.

It seems obvious that a dancer would need to be physically capable; but honestly even those who “just” walk on and off stage need to be prepared for the activity, as well.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - Season 1

[Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist]

Players who speak and sing especially need to make sure their instrument – their voice – is ready for action. Hum and softly sing through your vocal range, practicing various vowel and consonant sounds.

Do some gentle, slow stretches to prepare as many of your muscles as you can; especially around your joints – ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck.

Think intentionally about improving your physical flexibility, resilience, endurance, projection, and tone.

Be very careful not to overstretch and not to wear yourself out.  You are not working out, you are warming up. The workout will happen onstage.


Basically, if you get your mental and physical condition warmed up, you will probably be in a good place emotionally, too.


Nevertheless, it can help to be purposeful about the emotions you want to be experiencing; such as peace, contentment, joy, confidence, happiness, etc.

Take a few moments to take stock of what you are feeling. Consciously choose positive and peaceful emotions. You can be furious, flustered, frantic, frenetic, and frightened later.

All of this adds up to a confident, shining, well-timed, perfectly executed performance.

Well, one does hope, doesn’t one?

But, you know, humanity.

Humanity has its little tricks it likes to play on us.  Just when we think we are in peak readiness, humanity throws something at us to remind us of our frailties, bring us back to ‘reality,’ and give us a healthy dose of humility.

Humanity loves humility.

Just don’t let humbling experiences humiliate you.

Celebrate your humanness.


Prepare with everything you’ve got.  Your performance will be fine.

Remember: unless it is garishly ridiculous, the audience will never know you (think you) goofed.  They will still applaud wildly.

Grin and take your bows.

Then pay attention to the Director’s notes.

Because the Director WILL have notes.


[Exit Up Right]

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A Toast


Here’s a toast

to life and living

to love and laughter

to seeing, to hearing

to giving and receiving

Lift a glass

to family and friends

to acceptance and belonging

to gifts, to talents

to harmony and understanding

Cheers! and Hear, Hear!

for joy and happiness

for peace and inspiration

for creativity, for passion

for positivity and optimism

This toast we raise

while counting out the frailties of our years

while listening to the music of the spheres

while measuring the value of our tears

while facing down the spectres of our fears

Here’s to us, to all of us,

the scattered and the gathered

family of creation

and to the persistent checkers

of our past, present, and future


Posted by: boromax | May 12, 2020

The Rose’s Sentinel

The sweetest of the Golden Girls

Could fling the sharpest barb

St. Olaf was inspiring

And Beauty coyly chased her Beast

To spare a dying rose

Each petal falling

Every Bachelor seems to have

A limitless supply

But in the end

More thorns than blooms

Have found their mark

It is the loveliness

That draws us to the rose

And recklessness

That greets our touch

And draws our blood

Life and love

Are good and sweet

Yet intimacy may bring

A stab of pain


This poem was written in response to Go Dog Go Cafe’s Tuesday Writing Prompt –

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge–May 12, 2020


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