Posted by: boromax | March 11, 2021

Reading Is a Miracle

Thomas Hart Benton, lithograph, 1941

Reading is a miracle

Reading makes my brain cells stand up and pay attention

they interact with each other

they tell each other stories

like kids around a campfire

or reunited soldiers

like fishermen and explorers

spinning yarns

too astonishing to be lies

hefting their beverages

in each others’ direction


My brain cells are outdoing each other

to see which words are new

which similes make me smile

which metaphors hit me like a two-by-four

which puns deserve to live

which phrases explode like fireworks

in my cranial sky

Reading is a miracle

this seemingly simple skill

transports me to so many other times and places

other-wheres and other-whens

sometimes young and innocent

sometimes old and wise

sometimes someone I would never want to be for real

Reading is a miracle

a travelling extravaganza

a carnival

a parade

a luxury

a necessity

a party

a long walk in the woods

a swim in the deep blue sea

a lark

a gift

a phenomenon

a miracle

Reading is a miracle


  1. absolutely fabulous , Ed, this is going into my commonplace book; some astonishing analogies !

    • Thank you, John! What a great honor.

      • you really nailed it, Ed !

  2. I have frequently thought it a miracle that we can look at black lines on white paper and they create entire universes. I am occasionally envious of the people who can create those universes. But I sure enjoy the ones they create, so the envy is brief and temporary.

    • I agree. Some writers have such a precious gift; the way they compose words and phrases that reach deeply into our souls. Tremendous.

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Jeff.

  3. Oh, indeed! It is!! Through it we travel, we experience, we innovate, a miracle indeed!!

    • Thank you! Travel, experience, innovate – and so much more.

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