Posted by: boromax | March 12, 2021

Morning Walk #6

Cloudy skies deterred my sunrise photo efforts, but I snagged a few pics of a neighbors perennially gorgeous front yard.

This neighbor’s yard is always beautiful.

This rose was not in the same neighbor’s yard. Along the street there are about 10 rose bushes, and this is the only rose on them at the moment; but it is gorgeous!


  1. Your neighbour does nice work, an attractive home. Darn gray sky! I am following you, but not getting notifications of new uploads, sorry if I miss any.

    • Not sure what’s up with the lack of notifications. I don’t even know how that works. Some blogs I follow, I get email notifications; others only show up in my “Reader,” which I don’t check often enough, I guess.

      Maybe I need a separate “subscribe” button?

    • Just added the subscribe widget.

  2. That glorious rose!! 😱

    • Yes! Pretty irresistible!

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