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Nostalgic Dip Rejects, 1978, Part ONE

In this post I will be sharing my reasons for omitting twelve (12) of the ‘first’ fifty songs (1-50) on the 1978 Billboard Top 100 list; i.e., I chose not to share them on my Facebook timeline.

[[The following paragraph is repeated from previous posts for context.]]

[[ I choose songs for Nostalgic Dip from annual Top 100 Billboard charts to share on my Facebook timeline.  I could share every song on every list, but for various reasons I choose not to share some of them. (‘various reasons’ are described in the ‘opening post’ of this series)   This series of posts is my way of giving at least a modicum of recognition to the songs that I have rejected for my Facebook routine.  They were legitimate “hits,” after all.  The recognition I proffer here is somewhat back-handed, though, because I am telling you why I snubbed these songs.  You may or may not agree with my reasons, but no worries, they are MY reasons.  Nobody has to agree with them.  >> smiley face << ]]


Here we go!!


“Kiss You All Over,” Exile ~ I confess, I have always enjoyed this song. I will definitely sing along with it when it shows up on a playlist. Nevertheless, it is, after all, focused – rather graphically – on that subject I specifically choose not to share publicly on my Facebook timeline.


“Lay Down Sally,” Eric Clapton ~ Every Clapton tune deserves its day in the sunshine.  This one is no exception.  Except… it hits that ‘forbidden territory’.  I mean, staying till the morning light, laying down, resting in my arms.  It’s not just about having someone to “talk to.” What could I do??


“Miss You,” Rolling Stones ~ I am a Stones fan, in general.  I even like this song, really.  And, honestly, the story in the song is not all that risqué.  Mick says he has been sleeping all alone, which implies he’d rather be sleeping with this person he misses, which implies, well, you know.  So, I don’t know.  I think I just thought too many of my Facebook friends would find this song less than inspirational?  I know.  So, what?


“Hot Child in the City,” Nick Gilder ~ Do we need to spell this one out for you?  Dangerous young strangers running wild on the city streets. Right.


“Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad,” Meatloaf ~ Maudlin. Give us heartfelt piano and smooth background singers all you want.  I don’t care for Meatloaf’s voice on this song.  And it is pathetic.  Crying icicles instead of tears?  Now, don’t be sad?  I’m never, no way, ever gonna love you.  I just want to use you for a while.  I can’t lie.  Ooh, ahh…


“Jack and Jill,” Raydio ~ Oh, dear. Where do I start? The story is awful. Infidelity. My absolute least favorite topic. The melody is boring. The shrill background singers trilling out “Jack” “Jill” “hill”…   Ooohh, no. Stop it. Stop it now!


“Hot Blooded,” Foreigner ~ Musically entertaining! Lyrically fun…  but…  “do you do more than dance”?  We know what he has in mind.  So, not putting this one out there.


“Magnet and Steel,” Walter Egan ~ Again with the drippy background vocals oohing and ahhing. Never mind the inevitable visuals that emerge from this metaphor. And the loopy rhythm guitar. Blah. Reveal your secrets elsewhere, Walter.


“Short People,” Randy Newman ~ I guess this is just a silly song, but, come on.  It’s rude.


“An Everlasting Love,” Andy Gibb ~  Just too schmaltzy for me, and the lyrics are pure pablum.  One more bubble gum disco ditty riding on the coat-tails of a fad that lasted too long.


“The Groove Line,” Heatwave ~ Most of all, I am still confused as to which is the band name and which is the song title.  Beyond that, although there is a kind of groove here, it sounds and feels like too many other tracks from those years. Ho-hum. But also, “woot, woot”!


“Thunder Island,” Jay Ferguson ~ Was Jay trying to channel the Doobie Brothers for a minute there?  Or a poor man’s Pablo Cruise? Whatever. I do not like it. The lyrics are trying too hard, and taking us nowhere in the process. Also, what is up with that photo of Jay on the album cover? Nix.





That’s it for now.


Sayonara et shalom!



  1. ‘Miss you” is good; you know my favourite Stones song? it’s from the same album, I think, ‘THe Girl with the Faraway Eyes’ from the ‘Some Girls’ album which also contains another great track, ‘Beasts of Burden’

    • Sounds like you are more of a Stones fan than a Beatles fan, maybe. I have never really understood the “one or the other” paradigm. I like both bands’ music. But I will admit I probably gravitate toward the Stones. Like, given the choice between “Penny Lane” and “Satisfaction,” I would certainly go for “Satisfaction” every time.

  2. What a fun walk in the past!!

    Some of these is have to look up, but they also happen to be ones you do not recommend at all! So, perhaps I shall leave that!

    True stories:

    I got in trouble for having Exile’s song playing about the 9:00 volume position on the my parens stereo through out the house, when my mom came home one day…for the very reasons you mentioned omitting it! 😂🤦‍♀️

    Lesson learned!

    And ‘Hot Child in the City’ I disliked very much, I found it disturbing. Not my cup of tea!

    Some good memories!

    ‘Hot Blooded’ was just too much fun to bother me at all! It’s funny how different songs hit different nerves!

    Really respect your choices and integrity!


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