Posted by: boromax | March 19, 2021

The Garden of My Youth

I visited the garden of my youth today.

It always makes me smile.

I found an oak-branch tommy-gun

and a soup can telephone

and a great big shooter marble

glistening brightly amongst its friends

There was also a slingshot

and a large ball of string

surrounded by a gaggle of two-inch tall toy soldiers

plus a yo-yo and a top and a dime store slide-flute,

a harmonica, a kazoo, and a jack-in-the-box;

a few mangled papers that used to be airplanes,

a pop-gun and a homemade wooden sword,

and over in one corner

having a quiet tête-à-tête

were a robot, a dinosaur, and an Indian Chief.

Scattered all over from thither to yon

were dozens of small metal cars,

and a lunch box awaited my careful attentions

with a smirking expression

where the lid is bent up on one side.

Lifting the lid and peering inside

I find postage stamps and trading cards,

gum wrappers, post cards, and old valentines.

There I am;

the child inside;

memories of life and of living,

thoughts long subdued

now warm and softly glowing

inviting me

to remember

and to smile

I visited the garden of my youth today.

It always makes me wonder.

Posted by: boromax | March 16, 2021

Sky, Clouds, Trails

The sky is always beautiful, one way or another. It holds mystery and magic and menace.

Vapor-trails converging.
Posted by: boromax | March 16, 2021

Time for Fire

Is it time yet?

Shall we light the fire?

Are you cold?

Are you wet?

Are you ready?

Has the trash built up enough?

Does the iron need to melt?

Does the pressure need to vent?

Can we refine the gold?

Will the silver shine like the stars?

What needs to be burned off



from your surface self

to reveal the precious core

of who you are?

to show the truest,

most beautiful,

most real and vulnerable


Is it time to light the fire?

Are you ready?

Posted by: boromax | March 15, 2021

A Beagle and an Eagle

Image from Celia at Eyewire

A beagle and an eagle

ordered some bagels

and put them in baggies for lunch

It was clear that the schmear

had become very dear

but, really, that’s only a hunch

To devise a delicious digestive for mid-day

the beagle included some jam

but the eagle demurred

and, trying (not) to be heard,

said, “rather some lox, if you can.”

Posted by: boromax | March 14, 2021

A Lolly and a Sauce

What am I craving?

A lolly and a sauce

Something to soothe my restlessness

to reach my inner child

to feed my desire

for comfort and home

to settle my cries for real love

Give me a nice fruit-flavored lolly

Something delightful and delicious

to linger with and savor

Give me a savory, warm, creamy sauce

to cover and drown

the harsh veggies of life

to help me pretend

it’s all good

Feed me the tasty time-outs from true life

to close my eyes and ears and hands

to see and hear and feel

that moment of forgetfulness

when my whole world is covered with

a lolly and a sauce

This poem was inspired by conversation subsequent to John Malone’s posting of his poem Black Licorice

Posted by: boromax | March 12, 2021

Randomness from Mesa

Here are some photos of a park I came across in Mesa, Arizona, about five years ago (March 26, 2016).

A grouping of abstract plastic (?) sculptures made from layered shapes.
And designs cut into a red metal fence along one side of the park.
And this grand piece that features a working piano… at least it was working five years ago!
The shelves on either side of the piano hold various objects, protected by plexiglas.
And sconces on the sides. Brochures available in the small container on top of the piano. This map showed where to find all of the “street pianos” in Mesa. Apparently there were several such installations. This is the only one I managed to see.
Benches round about.
Posted by: boromax | March 12, 2021

Remember Good Things

Where’s your head?

What are you thinking?

Are you remembering good things?

Find them

in the archives

of your memories

or maybe in the active files

or in your “Recent” folder

Happy times

are there to remember

and you can make new memories

It doesn’t have to be a grand, bombastic,

blow-out, no-holds-barred event

It can be simple, quiet, even brief

the sun is coming up

or going down

the breeze is on your face, in your hair

birds are singing, butterflies flying

the sights and smells of the ocean

or flowers

or coffee brewing

the sound of laughter

of song

of a loved one saying your name

saying, “I love you.”

Are you remembering good things?

What are you thinking?

Where is your head?

Remember goodness

Meditate on it


Posted by: boromax | March 12, 2021

Morning Walk #6

Cloudy skies deterred my sunrise photo efforts, but I snagged a few pics of a neighbors perennially gorgeous front yard.

This neighbor’s yard is always beautiful.

This rose was not in the same neighbor’s yard. Along the street there are about 10 rose bushes, and this is the only rose on them at the moment; but it is gorgeous!

Posted by: boromax | March 11, 2021

Reading Is a Miracle

Thomas Hart Benton, lithograph, 1941

Reading is a miracle

Reading makes my brain cells stand up and pay attention

they interact with each other

they tell each other stories

like kids around a campfire

or reunited soldiers

like fishermen and explorers

spinning yarns

too astonishing to be lies

hefting their beverages

in each others’ direction


My brain cells are outdoing each other

to see which words are new

which similes make me smile

which metaphors hit me like a two-by-four

which puns deserve to live

which phrases explode like fireworks

in my cranial sky

Reading is a miracle

this seemingly simple skill

transports me to so many other times and places

other-wheres and other-whens

sometimes young and innocent

sometimes old and wise

sometimes someone I would never want to be for real

Reading is a miracle

a travelling extravaganza

a carnival

a parade

a luxury

a necessity

a party

a long walk in the woods

a swim in the deep blue sea

a lark

a gift

a phenomenon

a miracle

Reading is a miracle

Posted by: boromax | March 10, 2021

Rainy Day Randomness

Thunderstorms put the kabosh on the ol’ morning walk today. So, here are some more or less random photos from my archives:

Monterey Bay. Taken from the El Torito restaurant, 30 December 2015.
Taken at the Presidio of Monterey, looking east early in the morning, 8 January 2016.
Taken at the Presidio of Monterey, looking west early in the morning, 8 January 2016.
Taken at a restaurant whose name I do not remember in Fort Myers, Florida; 7 March 2016
Taken from the outdoor balcony of the restaurant mentioned above; 7 March 2016. No filters; no post-fixing; this is just a natural shot with available light. And yes, full human size docks, decks and boat.

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