Posted by: boromax | March 2, 2023

The Movement of Language

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. . . . .

There is a mesmerizing dance

of sounds and syllables;

a triumphant choreography

of symbols and ciphers;

a sizzling scintillation

of shouts and sighs…


It happens

when language is

so eloquently stitched

that images and sensations

are spawned almost unbidden

in our imaginations.

Well-combined words,

whether read or heard,

can take us for a while

to another place and time.


The dance of words.

The hide and seek.

The thrust and parry.

The jump, the slide, the pause.

The twist and the twirl.

The calm emergence.

The nerve-jangling suspense,

and the jarring revelation.


The writer’s palette

grants entry to worlds beyond,

and the enraptured reader

dances boldly onward.

. . . . .



  1. Such a very beautiful evocation of the dance of language

    • Thank you, Derrick. I am certain a fair part of my inspiration has come from reading your narrations. ~Ed.

  2. This enraptured reader dances boldly onward. Love the alliteration.

    • Thank you, SL! ~Ed.

    • I meant: Thank you, Geoff!! The alliteration to which you alluded abduriously allocated all the abounding astoricity of the atrocious amplicastifications. 🙂 Meaning: Oops!


      • Took me awhile in the dictionary before I could respond!

  3. Wonderful poetry painting!

    • Hi, SL! I inadvertently thanked you in a reply to a different user. Don’t worry. He already knows he is a different user. 😉 ~Ed.

      Anyhow – Thank you!

      • I’m good at doing that to the wrong person in texts lol thanks for dropping by!

  4. a clever way of describing the magic of a well written piece —

    • Thank you, John! ~Ed. 😉

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