Posted by: boromax | February 24, 2023

It’s a Wonder

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. . . . .

It’s a wonder

the struggle to settle

on a subject for one’s next poem.

I read delightful, inspired pieces

from my many blogger-poet friends,

and the subjects are often – even usually –

everyday, common,

one could even say mundane.

I believe it is the commonness

that delivers the great charm

I find in their works.

The poems themselves

are invariably beautiful,

poignant, humorous, and elegant.

What we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell

delights us, thrills us,

takes us to lofty locales

where every flower is a ride on a zipline,

every star has us shooting the rapids,

every dew-drop takes us to an inner spiral galaxy

of beauty and joy.

Poetry helps us make sense of our senses.

We are always looking, always listening

for the special way words cling to each other

or push each other away;

the way words can create a tuneful humming in our spirits

or a jangling klaxon of alarm.

Our hearts and minds are filled with wonder

when words are woven well.

We will read them again and again

just to savor the sweet sensation.

We are surrounded by poetry.

The great wonder is how we

confine the poetry around us

to simple words on a page.

It is a wonder.

. . . . .



  1. Words woven well, my friend.

    • Thank you, Geoff! Kind wemarks wetuwned, fwiend. 🙂 ~Ed.

  2. beautiful and true, Ed; my current post is about the humble small wooden fork 🙂

    • See!? Exactly. Everyday is the most wondrous subject, it seems. Nearly every poet ‘goes there’ to craft their open, lucid dreams. Joyce Kilmer comes to mind, of course, but also Thomas Hood’s ‘Song of the Shirt’ and Ezra Pound’s snippet about the Metro. I like your ode to your wooden fork! 😀

      • much appreciated , Ed; I did another, not long back, called ‘The Perfect Spoon’;

  3. I always enjoy these pieces of yours! I really admire the ability to put it in prose! Love the picture, too! Great choice!

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