Posted by: boromax | February 14, 2023

No Tomorrow

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. . . . .

They say

tomorrow never comes.

By the time tomorrow arrives,

it is already today.

It is always today.

The only day you will ever

actually live through

is today.

I hear your minds

all over the world

churning through

the many cloying cliches

about the abundant beauties

of today;

invoking ‘the rest of your life’

and all that.

Yet we can also hear

Scarlett’s voice

expressing the inherent hope

in the concept of tomorrow

“…another day…”


Another day

that will be


Every day.

All days are


. . . . .



  1. So well written. It’s so true that we are stuck in the flow of time.

    • Thank you, Ulle!

  2. Ed, No time like the present.


    • True, for sure, Gary.

  3. We only ever really have today! You are so right! We must endeavor to make the most of it!

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