Posted by: boromax | February 2, 2023

What Is In Your Toy Box?

. . . . .

What was in your toy box when you were a child?

Do you remember?

Did you have favorite toys?

If you were like me, you did.

And you probably had toys

that saw little use,

eventually relegated rudely

to the dark, out-of-reach,

out-of-sight recesses

at the bottom of the bottom

of your toy box.

What toys do you have these days?

Do you allow yourself any play time?

Can you find those little-used toys

that are hidden, forgotten, forlorn?

What is in your toy box?

. . . . .


  1. Lego, Lego and Lego. 57 and still enjoy to play. Great one.

    • Tough to beat the diversity, color, and danger of legos, Ulle!

  2. I remember I loved toy cars and legos. Now a day my telescope, computer, and beer brewing equipment.

    • I imagine the brewing equipment goes a long way toward smoothing out whatever rough edges life may toss your direction. 🙂 I still like toy cars….

  3. Train sets and Lincoln Logs. But my grandchildren have replaced them with video games and Legos.

  4. The closest thing I had to a toy box was a little toy baby doll cradle I kept by my bed. I stuffed it full of all my stuffed animals and a doll baby and tucked them in every night. Until one day I didn’t. The next closest was forever my books!
    What an intriguing question that I’ve never thought of!

    Thank you!

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