Posted by: boromax | January 19, 2023

Who Knew?

Image from marcellusdrillingcom

. . . . .

I have mentioned this before.

But still,

who knew?

Following lots of blogs

leads to virtual avalanches

of notifications,

which hang out casually

in one’s email inbox

patiently awaiting disposition.

One must decide.

Read? Skip? Save? Share? Delete?


for me anyway,

the deciding is fun!

I get to see lots and lots of content

that has been waiting

in the ethereal Green Room

of blog postages

to be consumed, appreciated, smiled at,

sometimes tugging at emotions,

sometimes making me nod my head in agreement,

sometimes making me shake my head in disbelief or disgust,

or simple humor,

or uproarious humor.

Good stuff all the way ’round.

Apparently I ‘follow’ over 100 blogs.

Not all of them are particularly active.

Some have become utterly silent.

But YOU, my dear blogging friends,

you keep on keeping on,

and I am enjoying every moment of your


Bring it, y’all!

. . . . .



  1. I follow fewer, Ed but still have an active list; I have my regulars, of course, who follow me ; there’s always a few I really enjoy each day; getting fussy in my old age, Ed 🙂

    • Fussy. That is the word, yes. Part of the process I am going through is sorting out what to keep following and what not… I’m sure it will cheer you to know you are on my ‘keeper’ list! 🙂

      • thanks Ed — and you on mine; I still have a few of yours in my commonplace books , the safe harbour poem is one, can’t think of its title 😦

  2. Nor can I, John. Hmmm…

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