Posted by: boromax | January 16, 2023

Putting My Fingers On It

Photo from

. . . . .

In 1973,

in a classroom that

had a typewriter

like the one pictured above

on every desk,

I learned to ‘touch type.’

I got quite good at it.

Up to 70 wpm at one point!

That skill served me well

through nearly 50 years of

active adult employment.

Still serves me well, I guess.

But –

My hands and fingers

have never quite fully adjusted

to the condensed and flattened nature

of the laptop keyboard.

At least the early keyboards

that came with desktop computers

were a bit larger and slightly tilted.

Now, my fingers are fighting with each other,

or so it seems,

and my wrists complain if I hold my hands

in the ‘typing’ position for long.

And, you know,

sometimes my typing ends up

kiijubf qkuj rua,,,


I mean,

Know what I mean?

. . . . .



  1. I taught myself in the late ’50s on something like that. But `I was never that good.

    • Self-taught! Kudos, Derrick! I am not sure I could type very well on an actual vintage typewriter now. ~Ed.

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