Posted by: boromax | August 22, 2022

News, not fake

To any and all dear readers who ‘follow’ this blog:

My family is in the midst of a major move from one big state to another big state among the purportedly united states. It is taking longer than we thought it would.

OK, that is putting it mildly.

This is taking much, much longer than we thought it would. Much. Longer.




>> sigh <<

But, hey, Yeehaw! We have moved many times over the years. We have lived all over the place; from one coast to the other. In 1974, we moved from Georgia to Oregon. In 1984, we moved from California to Maryland. In 1990, we moved from Colorado to the Republic of Panama. In 1996, we moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia. Plus several other moves besides, sandwiched in there..

So, now we wait; and meanwhile most of our household goods are already packed up and convened in a storage unit.

Eventually, we will be in our new place, and hopefully I can give more frequent attentions to this online meeting place.

Until then, “Hidey-ho, Good Neighbor!”



  1. Have a safe and happy move!

    • Thank you, Will!

  2. Good luck! Hope it all goes well šŸ¤ž

    • Thank you, Clive!

  3. Best wishes for a happy move! šŸ˜Š

    • Thank you, IB!

  4. Ed,

    Hope it all went well in the end. Well new beginning.



    • Thank you, Gary!

  5. Oh my goodness! I am tired for you!!! Prayers for all the many things that go into this!! Most of all, I hope you will feel very much at home when you arrive and get a bit settled!! Be safe! Take care!!!

    • Thank you so much, P&B!

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