Posted by: boromax | May 17, 2022

Remember the Good


when the world’s incessant insanity

rudely intrudes upon your peace

indulge in a leisurely detour

follow a familiar footpath

take that proverbial stroll

down a famous lane lined with memories

to remember who you are

and from whence you came


the family gathered

laughter, singing, hope

the arrival of the next generation

one by one

sunny days and walks along the beach

cool breezes, autumn leaves

flowers in the spring

robins and cardinals and hummingbirds

fireflies, campfires, mountain hikes

Grandma’s best pies fresh from the oven

and warm chocolate chip cookies

meeting that certain someone

that first kiss

saying, “I do.”

. . . . . . .

The lists of good are infinite

and available

whenever you need them

right there

in your memory

. . . . . . .

Remember the good


  1. The good list really is infinite!

    • Truly, it is.

  2. A wonderful poem to remind us not to become jaded with all the war and violence that we see every day on the news. The good is multiplied exponentially if we simply take time to look for it.

    • So true, Dwight. Let’s take the time to look for it, hey? ~Ed.

  3. it’s a lovely poem, Ed and a sort of an antidote to mine; get out and walk, chat with those you love, remember the good times — wonderful —

    • Thank you, John. Odd how sometimes we don’t heed the words we write, eh? I better hop to!

  4. Oh, Amen!! I find myself far too frequently running off to the next thing and forgetting to savor the asked for, sought for, believed for, beyond what I knew to hope for blessing! Trying to learn to soak it in! Steep in it! Really be thankful! It’s good medicine. Thank you for the encouragement!

    • You’re welcome. Keep trusting!

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