Posted by: boromax | April 22, 2022

Click Bait

once upon a time

the internet and its lingo

weren’t a thing

but now

nearly everyone

it seems

knows their http from their xyz

time was

pop-up menu and mouseover

were things

you might encounter

at your local diner

now your local diner


and you can order online

from your oh-so-smart phone

and pay digitally

including the tip

used to be

refrigerators did not

compile a grocery list for you

and audibly warn you

when you are almost out of milk

and your doorbell

didn’t used to

send you video

when your local diner

delivers your order


your favorite tv shows

and the latest movies

and the hottest music

and every stripe of the newest news

and instructional videos

and destructional videos

and memes…

shocking, droll, disgusting, hilarious

oh, the myriad memes

and now

if the internet suddenly went away

would we…

could we…

seriously, could we?


  1. Ay yi yi!

    So good!

    And I truly hope to never have the fridge that does that thing! Every person has their limit for technology and I’m afraid that’s going to be mine! 😂😂

    • Me, too. I am already annoyed with the “Ok, Google. Turn the light on bright white” that my son has on the lights in his room.

  2. We would have to. Although someone would probably just invent it again.

    • No doubt, Herb.

  3. Ed,

    We’d be human again.



    • We can only hope!

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