Posted by: boromax | April 6, 2022

Bibliophile humor — National Library Week edition

So, sue me. I want everyone to see these “Novel Crossovers” from John Atkinson, which the venerable ‘bluebird of bitterness’ has shared. Clever! Amusing! Inimitable! Well, maybe a little imitable. Maybe. Depending.

Be sure to click through to the ORIGINAL POST to see the funnies; also like and comment!

bluebird of bitterness

Cartoons for literature lovers fromJohn Atkinson.

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  1. very inventive; I like the tons of puns and the over-the-top Moby Dick one 🙂 lot of thinking has gone into these —

    • I agree; a lot of thinking. I found them irresistibly clever.

  2. I loved the last one. about the poison plot and stabbing, well teh world did not have as many inventive ways of killing people them, like making them go through the entire “Kyunki Saas b Kabhi Bahu Thi” daily serial in one sitting.

    • LOL! The title of that program is practically murder in itself (to an uninitiated English-speaker/reader).

      • I agree. It is a daily soap that ran on Indian tele for 10 years. It was a family drama with a plot where hero had face surgery twice. The heroine was amrried to the same husband severeal times. Her children and their children and the grand children were all subject to some trauma and worst possible fate. The seriel made me wonder if it was worth being all good and honourable when you are never going to be happy. So, I ditched it. My mom was hooked though and followed through all the 2000+ episodes.

      • Wow. That is a lot of episodes!

  3. Hahaha! Very creative!

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