Posted by: boromax | October 20, 2021

Boo! Kiss My Foot!

Without so much as a fare-thee-well

or a by-your-leave

my dad used to say these things regularly

along with

well ain’t THAT a fine how-do-you-do

or he might declare someone never said

Boo! Kiss my foot!

and he was always humming


or softly singing

usually Farther Along

or I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

and nearly every day

several times a day

Mairzy Doats

my dad avoided what he considered

crass and vulgar language

no profanities

no obscenities

clean lips – that was my dad


he seldom got ‘ticked off’

but occasionally he proclaimed

that some situation

‘really gets my goat’

or ‘chaps my hide’

then inevitably

he would chuckle

shake his head

and say something like

‘ah, well. no need to worry about it.

what goes around come around.

you reap what you sow.’

Dad sowed a lot of goodness and peace

before he whispered his last fare-thee-well


  1. Our dads were a lot alike. Yep, we miss them every day

    • Every day. Good to know we’ll see them again on the other side!

  2. Sounds like your dad was a fine man! I love the stories your tell in your poem.

    • Thank you, Dwight. He was indeed a fine man.

      • :>)

  3. A beautiful tribute to your father. He sounds like a very calm and loving parent! ❤

    • He was. That was his reputation, in fact. Calm and loving and humorous.

  4. What a gracious man!

    Dads are on my mind lately. Unsung heroes.

    We lost my Dad on New Years Day. He got sick just a few days after Thanksgiving.

    I am so grateful you know you will see your Dad again. And so very sorry that you are missing him. What a beautiful tribute to him.

    God bless.

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