Posted by: boromax | October 8, 2021

Queasy Pieces

my heart has been cruelly sliced

into disparate, desperate chunks

each queasy piece lies throbbing

where it fell when my heart exploded

unable to be contained by

my inconsolable chest

now the many quivering hunks of inmost me

lie desiccating in a scorched landscape

or drowning breathlessly on the deepest ocean floor

or gasping for air on a frozen mountain top

or moldering amongst the moss and mushrooms

of an ancient crowded forest

or trampled by the incessant traffic of the heartless city

or lost forever in the shivering vastness of an empty universe





  1. You gotta problem. I feel for your quivering chunks…….cheer up

    • Yar. This is a pretty dark one, eh? This is not a prevailing mood. Thanks for the cheers!

      • I like to see a bit of pushing the boundaries. A bit of madness. Adds a bit of difference to the bees, birds and flutterbys. We all know it’s spring Ed.

        Hope the chunks have stopped quivering…….

      • I believe for the moment the quivering has subsided to manageable, even desirable levels. After all, if the chunks stop quivering altogether, life has ceased, ne c’est pas?

      • Good heavens we don’t want a chunk seizure. Your life will cease.. Ce sera certainement…….

      • Fer shur, Dude. Tu ferais mieux de le croire, Bébé!

  2. Sending prayers and bandaids!

    In this case, hopeful time is on your side!

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