Posted by: boromax | September 20, 2021

A Mix of Happy Rabbits

My mind is always racing

chasing its tail

embracing every trail

like a mix of happy rabbits

until I am blazing new trails

cluttered with old tales

like an avenging angel of excavation

and exploration

no stone unturned

every new leaf upended

turned over

carefully examined



prized open


then released

until every thought is running free

wildly organic

like a manic menu of mangled memories

until there is nothing left to remember

every thought shredded


then reconstructed

like a limbic lego landscape

encircled by infinite horizons

and roads that lead to nowhere

or to everywhere

paths to a million-million destinations

or just one

the same one

that brilliant conclusion



  1. Careering along while you may

    • Absolutely. The careering may be curtailed at some point, so – career thee on!

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