Posted by: boromax | June 15, 2021

Present and Accounted For

For any and all who may have noticed: I have been otherwise occupied for a while, but the photos and the poetry live on! I need to get my schedule figured out, otherwise I will either continue the silence, or I will be posting at midnight – which will be quite a feat because I will almost certainly be asleep then.

Nevertheless, please stand by. Thank you for your patience. Coming soon to a device near you. Batteries not included. Some assembly required.


Ed (aka boromax aka FastEddie)


  1. missed your voice, Ed; I’ve consoled myself with regular readings of your classic: ‘Here Goes’!!

    • Thank you, John. Missed you, too. Hoping I can get back in the swing! And, yeah – Here goes!

  2. You have been missed! Hope life is treating you good!! Good to hear you are kicking it! Fast Eddie! Love it! 🙌🏻

    • Yesirree. That’s me! FastEddie – my erstwhile moniker on ‘Electric Minds’.

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