Posted by: boromax | April 7, 2021

Recalling Iris

The irises keep calling me

to come enjoy their splendor

They strike an irresistible pose

They primp and preen and glimmer

They put on quite a show these irises

enough to make one wonder

Where are they getting their instructions?

Pretty sure it all comes natural.


For all who ventured this deeply into the tale of the sirenic irises.

I was delighted to attend a retirement luncheon (not mine, yet) the other day

in an ACTUAL restaurant

I mean, inside


with other patrons

mere feet away

’twas a true delight


free hand sanitizer

at the end of the counter


  1. how good does it get, Ed; love this happy post and the floral rhyme 🙂

    • Thank you, John! 🙂

  2. Lovely, delicate, blooms. I’m pleased you could attend the lunch, Ed.

    • These irises are indeed delicate; lightly colored, unlike the usual blue and purple ones.

      It was a great lunch for a good friend. Thank you.

  3. No masks, so nice!

    • It was nice; it really was.

  4. Aw!! That’s so great!! It’s so funny, as I was pulling up this post, I was wondering if it would be rude to ask how it’s going there? I’m so sorry for how hard it’s been there! Y’all have sure made the most of it! So glad you had a chance to be out and about!

    • Yes, it has been rough… but we know Who holds tomorrow.

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