Posted by: boromax | April 5, 2021


There seems to be a lot of interest in promoting plant-based diet regimens these days. This blog post would fit comfortably in the plant-based category; but I am not sure how much of what is pictured here is edible, healthy, or nutritious. Maybe the geraniums?

This is a shrub that is planted all around the parking lot where I work.
Our orchids still look scrumptious. There’s a bit of Dexter the pooch in this shot.
Magenta geraniums in our front garden.
And these lovely pink geraniums, too!
This succulent is hanging on a wooden fence.

We all hear that we should stop and smell the roses. It is true. We should breathe deeply, look around us, and enjoy the loveliness of nature. Every. Day.


  1. Dexter would become the high protein ingredient here 🤣🤣🤣. beautiful flowers. I would never eat them

    • LOL! Aw, poor Dexter. 🙂

  2. somehow I missed this post; great photos, Ed and yes, I did spot Dexter; what a champ 🙂

    • He is a champ, indeed. A mutt, a bit goofy sometimes, but aren’t we all?

  3. We’re trying to grow some gazanias, this spring. And maybe some Four O’clocks, if the seeds work. We’ll see.

    • Love gazanias. Grow little seeds, grow!!

  4. Flowers always look so happy. 🤩

  5. Yes… when they are fresh and full! 😉 I have seen some not-so-happy-looking flowers, though; wouldn’t really want to take pictures of those, eh?

  6. The white ones pictured mummy
    At top, look yummy nice
    Can I please have a bowl full
    They do look real entice?

    I don’t know dear. Uncle Ed is not sure if they’re edible….

    Can I can I?…..

    He did…and vomited all over Priscilla cat…so yes Ed they’re not edible….perhaps a sign is in order?…Poisonous to kiddies (and possibly dogs?)

    • Good idea. I am fairly confident foraging at the corner market, but honestly from my own flower garden or in the forest, not so much….

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