Posted by: boromax | March 16, 2021

Time for Fire

Is it time yet?

Shall we light the fire?

Are you cold?

Are you wet?

Are you ready?

Has the trash built up enough?

Does the iron need to melt?

Does the pressure need to vent?

Can we refine the gold?

Will the silver shine like the stars?

What needs to be burned off



from your surface self

to reveal the precious core

of who you are?

to show the truest,

most beautiful,

most real and vulnerable


Is it time to light the fire?

Are you ready?


  1. I loved the passion in this poem.

    • Thank you, henhouselady!

  2. Wow! I love the rawness of the piece. I had no answer to the question. Seems like I’ll never be ready…

    • Being willing to ask the question is part of the answer. 🙂

  3. it’s going to be a big moment, Ed — revelations always are; are you ready for it?

  4. Yes! I am ready! All the protective gear is laid aside. I am ready, arms open wide!! 😀

  5. This is so poignant! I’ve been randomly at times thinking about fire, more the spiritual type, and how the fire is only a threat to what is not for keeps. All that matters, all that is meant to last is only made better by the fire! But, Lawdy, not thinking I’m ready for the fire! Mercy, Lord! Lol!

    • Not sure I am ready, either; but I think we are already seeing it among the house of YHVH.

  6. This is good…..

    • Thank you, Don!

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