Posted by: boromax | March 15, 2021

A Beagle and an Eagle

Image from Celia at Eyewire

A beagle and an eagle

ordered some bagels

and put them in baggies for lunch

It was clear that the schmear

had become very dear

but, really, that’s only a hunch

To devise a delicious digestive for mid-day

the beagle included some jam

but the eagle demurred

and, trying (not) to be heard,

said, “rather some lox, if you can.”


  1. enjoyed the word play, Ed and the whimsy: had to look up ‘schmear’ and ‘lox’ but that’s okay; I like to learn three new words a day so only one to go 🙂

    • LOL. Well, of course, NOW you must find a passable bagel and get it with schmear and lox!

  2. I love the whimsical rhyme scheme and rhythm here. Also, this poem is making me hungry

    • I know right? I could use a warm, fresh bagel right now, for sure.

  3. Mummy?…What’s Dexter doing up there?….

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