Posted by: boromax | March 14, 2021

A Lolly and a Sauce

What am I craving?

A lolly and a sauce

Something to soothe my restlessness

to reach my inner child

to feed my desire

for comfort and home

to settle my cries for real love

Give me a nice fruit-flavored lolly

Something delightful and delicious

to linger with and savor

Give me a savory, warm, creamy sauce

to cover and drown

the harsh veggies of life

to help me pretend

it’s all good

Feed me the tasty time-outs from true life

to close my eyes and ears and hands

to see and hear and feel

that moment of forgetfulness

when my whole world is covered with

a lolly and a sauce

This poem was inspired by conversation subsequent to John Malone’s posting of his poem Black Licorice


  1. love it; I can see the connection to my poem but yours stands on its own! there are some lovely lines here esp: ‘give me warm, creamy, savoury sauce to cover and drown the harsh veggies of life’ —

    • Thank you, John. Now to work on the perfect licorice sauce… 😉

  2. That was good! Bittersweet! But good!! Loved the reference to the ‘harsh veggies of life’, as well.

    • Ya know, sometimes… those veggies can be brutal.

  3. I’d like to taste Uncle Ed’s licorice sauce mummy…..he needs to perfect it first sweetie…I’m sure it will be worth waiting for……Uncle John is also having a bash at it I believe sweetie…..ooh…that’s nice

    • The dream exceeds the reality…

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