Posted by: boromax | March 12, 2021

Remember Good Things

Where’s your head?

What are you thinking?

Are you remembering good things?

Find them

in the archives

of your memories

or maybe in the active files

or in your “Recent” folder

Happy times

are there to remember

and you can make new memories

It doesn’t have to be a grand, bombastic,

blow-out, no-holds-barred event

It can be simple, quiet, even brief

the sun is coming up

or going down

the breeze is on your face, in your hair

birds are singing, butterflies flying

the sights and smells of the ocean

or flowers

or coffee brewing

the sound of laughter

of song

of a loved one saying your name

saying, “I love you.”

Are you remembering good things?

What are you thinking?

Where is your head?

Remember goodness

Meditate on it



  1. a calm, gentle exhortation 🙂

  2. 🙂

  3. Right now I’m thinking of time spent in the yard with the ‘sugar boogars’ (grand kids) last week!! So much fun! They love to run and play! What a great exhortation!

    • Thank you, P&B! I love that – “sugar boogars”

  4. It is so easy to forget that being happy can be so easy.

    • Life is complicated, but ‘being happy’ is a choice.

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