Posted by: boromax | February 9, 2021

Often. Too Often.

I’m afraid

too often

too often

I’m afraid

I think too much

about too many things

too many things

that tend to cause

too much of a tendency

to be afraid

to think too much

too often

Too often

fear becomes a living thing

eating me from the inside out

my insides

looking for a way out

and my outside

wanting to hide deep inside


a thief

a bully

a terrorist

a liar


Don’t listen to the fear.

Speak to the peace.

Call it out.

Invite it in.

Make a trade –

lay down the fear,

embrace the peace.


  1. so good to read a post from you again, Ed , and this one is a beauty: you’ve explained the anguish memorably; I love the metaphors for Fear: powerful stuff !

    • Thank you, John!

      • it’s very brave of you to express your vulnerabilities yet that is what poetry and song are for: they are vehicles for expressing the human condition and in doing so provide strength, comfort and understanding to others

  2. Yes. I find myself often hesitant to reveal my own inner thoughts and feelings – exactly because I AM AFRAID of what others will think and also concerned that what I say might exacerbate similar feelings in others. Unlearning lifelong ‘training’ is a challenge.

  3. So well said! We think too much! Indeed! I think I did a lot of that a few month of last year. I think I’m on the mend. New goals. New habits. Refreshed or renewed perspective. I think this something we surely can all relate to these days!
    It’s so good to read your thoughts!


    • Thank you! I enjoy reading y’all, too. Past couple of weeks of real life got me behind on my blog reading and commenting. Real life! WooHOO! Our son moved back home from Reno. Exciting times.

  4. Anytime real life is keeping you that busy it is exciting for sure!! What a blessing to have you son home for a season! No matter the reason, so much good can come in these times! We’ve had lots of opportunity at that! Good on ya! All of ya!! God bless!!

  5. Yes….very motivational.. Thanks.

    • Thank you, Anita! Safe travels.

  6. Another good one Ed. Yes, how much are we prepared to reveal of our inner self to an unknown audience on a world stage? Makes you feel vulnerable. OK it might be brave revealing your inner self on a blog but there are some things I want to keep to myself. Each of us is different I guess

    • Such a paradox – we are each different and unique, but also so much the same.

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