Posted by: boromax | November 3, 2020

No Volition

All day, every day

we are making choices

consciously, unconsciously


willingly, willfully

for better or for worse

to help or to hurt

ourselves and others

to give and to receive

to know and to be known

mundane, life-changing

exciting, fun, frightening

to see or not

pay attention, walk away

embrace, reject, share

from getting up in the morning (or not)

to what and whether

and when and where

and with whom

we will eat and drink

sometimes it seems we have no choice

the laughing or the crying

the broken heart

the triumphant soul

the simple wonder

burst forth with no volition

but their own

relentless power to be

born of the choices we or others have made

choices meeting choices

will join forces

or clash

with sudden tumult

a riotous thunderstorm

or a peaceful, bright spring morning

our choices live forever

in our memory

In response to the prompt from Go Dog Go Cafe


  1. so true: there is hardly a moment goes by — except when we are asleep — when choices are not being made; it’s a little frightening really

    • Yes, it really is when one stops to think about it. So many of our choices are unconscious, second nature, thoughtless…

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