Posted by: boromax | May 12, 2020

Reality Is Now

Reality is

continually redefining itself.

In each new second

it realigns.

Tiny pieces and parts are snapping

like so many disciplined soldiers

coming to attention.

Each momentary new reality


as the Master of time

passes in review.

Reality is here.

It is mine,

until the next moment arrives.

It is too fast.

There is no basking;

no waiting;

no savoring.

The moments come

and they are gone,

leaving only

a silent stop-motion daguerreotype

quickly fading

losing definition

losing shape

melting relentlessly

into the past;

memory the only evidence

of now’s brief existence.

It is now, then not now.

Another now,

and then another.

All the former nows

line the corridors of my life story.

Reality is

faux furniture

that has retreated

to become trompe l’oeil.



Fooling the eye

Pretending to be

something it is not.

Reality beckons us forward



into the next now

and then the next

and then…

now becomes then


  1. Yep, that about says it/said it/will say it.

    • LOL. Yeah… talk about ‘nothing new under the sun’

  2. Reminds me very much of Ecclesiastes!! Some days do feel very much like this!! But, we know so MUCH more is being worked out than we can see with the naked eye!! #MakingAMark #IndelibleInk!


  3. yes!! I get that feeling when I’m seized by a poem or story which demands to be written and shared

    • Feels like no choices!

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