Posted by: boromax | December 10, 2019

New Wrinkles Journal #9



Music Is Life.

The fact that music is (or can be) beneficial to our health and wellness is a commonly held understanding. Nevertheless, apparently untold bazillions of dollars have been spent on actual scientific research to prove it is true.

Hey. I mean, that is what it says on the internet, right?


But I do not need the internet or scientific treatises. I know from firsthand personal experience that music is powerful and, at the very least, capable of altering a listener’s moods.

Music also has a profound effect upon the players and singers who are producing it.

Music is a standard feature of humanness.


We all come with an ability to make and appreciate music.

Our bodies are themselves musical instruments, so we take music with us wherever we go; and we hear music all around us in the sounds of nature and industry.

Of course. Yes. There are degrees and levels and ranges and categories of ability and appreciation. Some folks claim to enjoy only a narrow selection of a particular style of music. Many folks claim to have “no musical talent” at all.

Yeah, whatever. I am a convinced believer that everyone can make music given the right environment, exposure, encouragement, and opportunity.

We all enjoy music.

Some of us are more obsessed than others, it’s true.

Nevertheless, when asked, we can all recount at least one story of a time when music played a starring role in our life experiences. High school dance, first date, graduation, wedding, memorable concert, road trip, house party, misguided effort to draw the attention of a devastating crush, and any number of other significant remembrances.


Music sticks in our heads. Television theme songs, commercial jingles, love songs, dance songs, happy birthday, national anthem, holiday songs, movie soundtracks, …the shark music from “Jaws.”

Music moves us. It speaks to us. It gives voice to inner thoughts, hopes, dreams, pain, joy, mystery, grief, wonder, confusion, pleasure…

It triggers our wiggle-motor. We’ll be tapping our feet, bobbing our head, making silly faces, bouncing in our seat.


Hence, music is a key element of creating a New Wrinkles production.

It is arguably the CENTRAL element of our productions.

We must have movement, color, flavor, emotion, a story, a flow, peaks and valleys, loudness, softness, silence, spice – and the vehicle for all of it is music.

The music all by itself would not be enough, though.

Imagine an empty stage with music playing, but no commensurate visual stimuli or interpretations.


The music, presented with excitement by joyful humans, that is the thing.


Therefore, the Production Team spends a great deal of time and energy (not to mention encyclopedic knowledge, creative talent, and an entire monumental topography of food and drink) rightly discovering, testing, sorting, selecting, compiling, editing, sequencing, and deciding who sings what when – and, no small factor, what each cast member will be wearing at any given moment.


Costumes matter.

When it all comes together, the music will evoke a universe of emotion in the hearts of the audience.

And no small measure of emotion will be pounding in the hearts of the cast, too.

Music Is Life.



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  1. As I often do, I was multi-tasking — watching a movie on TV called “Echo in the Canyon” about Laurel Canyon & the music created there. And, I came across your blog entry at almost the exact instant someone on the film says something like: “music is fundamental to life. I can change the world. I really believe that.” (Total coincidence, of course).

    • Graham Nash would know, eh? Glad you stumbled upon my blog entry. I cordially invite you to stick around, poke around, muck around, dance, giggle, and generally enjoy yourself herein. Bring napkins.

  2. Graham Nash was the one who said.

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