Posted by: boromax | November 26, 2019

New Wrinkles Journal #6



Rock. Soul. Country. Pop. Blues. Jazz. Classical. Folk. Hip-Hop. Swing. Punk. Ska. Electronica. R&B. Reggae. Americana. Adult Contemporary (whatever that is).

Seventeen categories off the top of my head, and that does not even exhaust my own personal knowledge of music genre.

Is there a particular style of music that is most appropriate for New Wrinkles?

Not really. I think the cast and directors of New Wrinkles are essentially up for any challenge, and we mostly would like to keep things fresh and interesting. At the same time, we also want to compile a program that has a strong element of familiarity, comfort, and reminiscence.

Does this mean that because we are “seniors” every song in our show will be an “oldie”?    >>> sigh – – – moan <<<

I bring up the idea of music genre or style because it is one of the many streams of discussion that must take place every year when the New Wrinkles Production Team is planning the next program.

[DISCLAIMER: I do not now nor have I ever had any direct personal knowledge, experience, or other bona fide evidence of what the New Wrinkles Production Team does or does not discuss in their planning sessions, nor what manner of beverages in which they choose to indulge. Any expression of what may sound like firsthand knowledge is in fact only speculation based on what I personally consider to be reasonable expectations.]

The topic of music genre can be wildly complex. A comprehensive list of all music genre and subgenre would be impossibly long, and I believe it is growing every day. Therefore, I plan to keep it simple in this article, which is how I believe the Production Team keeps it in their process.  Simple.  Right?


Does the Production Team have established criteria for choosing songs? No. I mean, I do not think they have a literal checklist for this.  I think they truly approach their efforts song by song based primarily on how a song fits the chosen theme of the show.  Along the way, there may be a few “types” of music that are not likely to be incorporated into the song list.  But if the message is right, they just might find a way to get it in there regardless of its genre.

The chief goals in putting together a show (I think) are to have fun and to entertain the audience, hopefully with a professional level performance, while we tell them a story and touch their hearts.  If a song we are working on looks like it is just going to be a disaster, then it gets cut. No mercy. In the words of the modern-day philosopher, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”


Are you waiting for me to tell you which genre would work for us and which wouldn’t?

Not sure I am going to go there, and here’s why.

We’d like to think that we are infinitely versatile. Give us any type of music, and we will make it our own. Bring it on! So, I am not ready to ‘close the door’ on any given style of music for us.

Nevertheless, let’s be real. There are certain styles that would not translate well to our current demographic, if you catch my drift.  We are willing, even desirous, to stretch ourselves and to be as modern and relevant as we can. But we are who we are, and our skills/talents are what they are.

Granted, there is a lot of potential for natural hilarity when one considers the notion of this cast attempting certain styles of music.


We are good, y’all; but we recognize our limitations, yo.



[Exit Up Right]


  1. Man, the more I hear you talk about this, the more I want to experience it! Keep us all posted!

    • I will certainly do my best, Glenn. The cast has not seen this year’s full song list yet; and I will not be able to reveal it in full… until next May! You realize you may have to plan a trip to Fresno?

  2. Ah, Fresno in the summer.😎

    • LOL. Well… yeah. But the show is in an air conditioned auditorium! 😉

  3. there are a huge number of genres out there and we can never keep up; I do my best but it is a losing but fun game 🙂

    • True. The list seems infinite. But it IS fun!

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