Posted by: boromax | November 9, 2019

New Wrinkles Journal #2

It’s all my sister-in-law’s fault.

A couple of years ago (2017), when we were preparing to move from Monterey to Fresno, we spent a lot of weekends with my wife’s brother and his wife. One Friday evening in June, she took us to the New Wrinkles production “Viva Las Vegas.”

I was transported and transfixed. I was enthralled and enthused. I was amused and amazed and absolutely electrified. (Too much, I know. So sue me.) The point is: I loved every minute of it, and I wanted to be part of it.

So after the show I asked one of the cast members how to go about auditioning for the next show.  Well, okay, I didn’t just ask a random person, I looked for a particular cast member whose singing and stage presence had thoroughly captivated me. I wanted to meet him, congratulate him, and ask him about being in the show. He explained. I took action.

I waited until September to participate in their annual season kick-off brunch. It seemed like forever to wait from June until September.

Truth: it arrived quickly. What with moving half way across the state of California, starting a new job, and dealing with a couple of major family crises at the time, I had plenty on my plate already to keep me occupied.

At that first brunch, I was excited and honored to meet the entertainers I had seen on stage a few months prior. What a privilege! Of course, they were all quite human and (mostly) humble, sweet, and generous.

I was part of a fairly large “newbie” class, eight people I think. Most of us are still here, getting ready for our third show together.

During the brunch, the Director announced an audition date for those who wanted to perform solo or small group numbers. Doing the audition was of course no guarantee that you or the song with which you auditioned would be selected for the new show.

Each participant was allowed three “slots.” You could do three solo pieces or mix it up with small group numbers. I did not know anyone with whom to prepare a duet, trio, or quartet, so I prepared three solo songs.

I know I sang “This Is the Moment” (Jekyll & Hyde) and “A Bit of Earth” (The Secret Garden), but I cannot remember what the third number was.

Then, a few weeks later, there were callbacks. The Director sent me a few pieces to prepare. I might have been more nervous at the callbacks than I was at the original audition.


The show for 2018 was called “On the Road to Broadway.” I think we ended up with 62 different songs in the program. Some of the All Cast numbers were tremendous; e.g., “Journey to the Past,” “One Day More,” Seasons of Love,” and “You Can’t Stop the Beat.” The small ensemble, called Encore, of which I was privileged to be a part, did “Broadway, Here I Come,” “Magic to Do,” and “One Short Day.”

In addition, I was asked to do a trio with two other gentlemen on “Comedy Tonight,” and I was given a solo – “Some Enchanted Evening.”

Besides memorizing lyrics, tempos, rhythms, dynamics, and vocal tone for the songs themselves, we also learned blocking. Blocking is all about where you are, how you got there, when you arrive, what you are doing, and who you are with on stage at every moment. Some songs also included some basic dance movements.

We won’t even talk about the costume changes.

It was a great show!

Here is a montage I created for my Facebook Cover Photo at the time. It includes all of the Broadway shows from which we borrowed songs for our show.


[Exit Up Right]


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