Posted by: boromax | September 10, 2018

Random Repeaters: Progress Report #1

I started the Random Repeaters category with this post.

Since then, of course, many songs have arrived at the prescribed threshold; i.e., appeared on the random shuffle playlist five times.

All of the eleven songs listed in that first post as having appeared four times, have long since appeared again (for the fifth time) and been posted to my Facebook timeline.  Below I list the order in which they were posted, and each includes a link to a YouTube video of the song.

As you can see, it took much longer for some of them to get to their fifth play than it did others; and, in the meantime, other songs caught up and passed them.  I guess this more or less demonstrates the true randomness of their places in the repeating shuffle.

[By the way, I recognize that this “game” is probably only interesting to me.  That is okay!  This blog is, after all, called “trivial music silliness.”]

Here are a few more salient measures:

Compilation of the random repeater list has continued now for sixteen months (since 4 May 2017), but capture to the list has slowed considerably.  When I first reported last June, 1,477 songs (out of approximately 3,700) had been played at least once.  As of now, 3,258 songs have played at least once.

Three-hundred-sixty-nine songs have been played at least five times, and most of them have been posted (as a link to a YouTube video) on my Facebook timeline.  Some have not been posted because there is no video for the song on YouTube; others have not been posted because for various reasons I decided my Facebook audience did not need to be exposed to the song (similar to my reasons for rejecting songs in my Nostalgic Dip series).  Some of the songs that did not have a video now have one because I created one for them!  See my YouTube channel.

Four-hundred-fifteen more songs have been played four times and are now awaiting that crucial fifth play to find themselves shared on my Facebook timeline.  Did I mention this is silly?  I like silly.

I find it interesting that there are apparently over 400 songs that have managed to evade selection for play over the past sixteen months.  Of course, I do not (cannot) play songs on this list or capture which songs are played from the list every day.  Lately, it has actually only been a couple of times a month.  Eventually, I will just stop doing it at all. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy all these songs of various styles and provenance.

You can start with these eleven from the introductory report:

#1, “In the Mood,” Glenn Miller – this song has a combined total of more than 20 million views on YouTube.

#2, “Ready,” Third Day – this song has a combined total of about 250,000 views on YouTube.

#3, “Will It Go ‘Round in Circles,” Billy Preston – this song has a combined total of about 2.2 million views on YouTube.

#5, “Behind Enemy Lines,” End Time Warriors – this track has less than 300 views on YouTube.

#7, “Heart with Your Name on It,” Gloria Estefan – this song has a combined total of about 7,800 views on YouTube.

#17, “Unforgettable,” Roberta Flack – this song has a total of about 1,400 views on YouTube.

#29, “Diverse City,” tobyMac – this song has a combined total of over 1 million views on YouTube.

#39, “Pretending,” Eric Clapton – this song has a combined total of about 2.4 million views on YouTube.

#134, “Storm,” Stanley Turrentine – this song has a combined total of about 950 views on YouTube.

#198, “Stardust,” Duke Ellington – this song (as recorded by Duke Ellington and his orchestra) has a combined total of about 20,000 views on YouTube.

#283, “Straight On,” Heart – this song has a combined total of over 4 million views on YouTube.


Take it to the limit and give it all you’ve got!




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