Posted by: boromax | June 20, 2017

Introducing: “Random Repeaters”

I am about to begin a new category of daily posts on my Facebook page. This will be the seventh category.  Currently, I post these six categories:  1) Sniglet of the Day; 2) Ambrose Bierce; 3) Nostalgic Dip; 4) #leadershipquotes; 5) #backhanded; and 6) CCM Memories.  This new one is called “Random Repeaters,” and herein is the story of its origins.

So, I am an unrepentant and unapologetic maker of lists.  I have lists of lists, actually.  This present report is a result of lists begetting lists.

For years now, every day while I work, I have played music “in the background” on my computer.  The music plays randomly from a “list” that has developed across years of uploading music from my private collection.  As of this writing, the list includes more than 3,700 files; i.e., individual songs.  It is a thoroughly diverse conglomeration, and when it plays randomly, it can take me from the sublime to the ridiculous with no transitions.

As my “retirement date” came into view, when I heard a song I wanted to share with others, I would sometimes take a moment to find the song on YouTube and “Like” it.  This would cause that video to be “shared” to my timeline on Facebook.

One day I had one of my stray thoughts about list-keeping.  I decided it might be interesting to monitor my “Random Shuffle Playlist” to see how random it really is.  So, I started keeping a log.  I know this sounds labor intensive, but everyone who knows me knows I am a master multi-tasker.  Truly, this does not take as much time as it sounds like it might.  Anyway, the list grew, and now I have some measurements to share!

The way this playlist works is that it re-starts every morning.  Well, technically, it re-starts every time I close the media player and then open it again.

Eventually, more quickly than I expected, songs began to repeat.  Not on the same day, usually, but sometimes for two or three days in a row.

As a kind of “game” for myself, I decided to monitor the appearance of the songs, and I thought, “When one of them plays for the fifth time, I will find it on YouTube and share it on Facebook!”

I know.  I am weird.  Tell me something I don’t already know.

As of this writing (20 June 2017), the day of the “fifth repeat” has not yet arrived.  I started keeping the log on 4 May 2017.  So far, 1,477 songs different songs have played, featuring 490 different recording artists.

Eleven songs have repeated four times so far.  We’ll see whether one of these becomes the first “fifth repeater.”

“Behind Enemy Lines,” E.T.W. (End-Time Warriors)

“Diverse City,” tobyMac

“Heart with Your Name on It,” Gloria Estefan

“In the Mood,” Glenn Miller

“Pretending,” Eric Clapton

“Ready,” Third Day

“Stardust,” Duke Ellington

“Storm,” Stanley Turrentine

“Straight On,” Heart

“Unforgettable,” Roberta Flack

“Will It Go ‘Round in Circles?,” Billy Preston

I knew that it would take some extensive explanation to my “audience” when this new category of song-sharing emerged.  I also knew I did not want to put all of this explanation directly into a Facebook post.

So, here it is in my “Trivial Music Silliness” WordPress blog.

Take a look around.  You might find some other interesting silliness here!


Take it to the limit and give it all you’ve got!



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