Posted by: boromax | December 4, 2015


It is often stated, “Music is Life.”

That is certainly true for me.  Although I do not ‘make a living’ in any music-related business, I truly cannot imagine going through a day without music.  I probably listen to 100+ tracks a day.  Granted, most of the time I am doing other things and not just listening to the songs.  As I type this blog entry, I have this computer’s Music Library on ‘Random Shuffle.’  I can go from Tina Turner to Paul Carrack to Andrew Peterson to Gloria Estefan to tobyMac to Heart…

My personal ‘life’ took a tragic turn a while back, after I had started this blog.  My wife and I and our little dog (a pug named ‘Bossley’) escaped from a house fire in our pajamas.  We lost everything.  Including my entire music collection.  Thousands of tracks on LPs, CDs, digital files.  I had recently finished digitizing my entire LP collection.  Nearly 3,000 albums.  The tracks were stored on an external hard drive.  Two desktop computers.  Two laptops.  Two external hard drives.  Several thumb drives.  All gone now.

Fortunately my wife did grab my iPod during our escape.  It has a few thousand tracks on it, including some of the ones I had digitized from my LP collection.

So, I have been gradually building a new collection.  I was going to say ‘re-building,’ but that would mean I am consciously trying to acquire recordings that were previously part of my collection.  I have done that in some cases.  For example, a couple of months ago I found Santana’s “Supernatural” CD at a thrift store.  Had it before; now I have it again.

But for the most part I am obtaining recordings that I did not have before.  I can’t say that is a purposeful strategy on my part.  That’s just how it is turning out, so far.

Just now, Taj Mahal’s “Fishin’ Blues” came up on this computer’s shuffling list.  That was one that I digitized from the album, put it on a CD and brought here to get it on this computer.  Ditto the track that immediately followed: Charlie Peacock’s “Insult Like the Truth” from his “Strangelanguage” project.  I am grateful that some of that hard work is still available to me!

Well, this has turned into quite a stream of consciousness.  My point is one that I reckon is pretty common and generally well understood and accepted.  Music is powerful, beautiful, necessary, exciting.

Now playing:  Jon Bon Jovi’s “Queen of New Orleans.”

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